Videorecorder Casemod

This is a short description about my casemod.
At the moment the following hardware is placed in the case:

Via Epia motherboard with Via 800 mHz C3
Maxtor 40 Gb 5400 RPM Harddisk
Aopen 16x 48x DVD-Rom
(modded) 250 W PSU
8 cm Casefan at 5 V
6 cm Casefan at 5 V

I'm planning for a LCD later.

The victim for the casemod :)

The case fully stripped, but not yet modded :)

A nice topdown view of the layout of the case.

The modded PSU fitted in the case, here you see some other thinks that are going to be in it too.

The home-made harddisk/DVD-rom frame fitted inside the case.

The DVD-rom placed inside the case, the motherboard had to be delivered at this moment :(.

Everything is fitted inside now, here you see the back with the PSU and DVD, there is only 3 mm left between.

Here are the power and reset button, together with the power and hd led.

Here you see my wireless keyboard with integrated mouse and the front of the case with it's cover

This is a close-up of the case with the buttons and leds. (The dust sticks a bit to the velours front, but it is cleaned now).

It's almost finished, only the front has to be placed. Here you can also see the 8 cm Casefan.

Here is an overview of the inside, you can see there is not much room left, there is only some space in the front.

This is the back, you can see i fitted a fan in the cover and the original backplate that came with the motherboard.

The endresult!!! The front is now fitted on the case, here you can see the buttons and leds too.